When I tell my friends I’m going on a date with someone I met online


and they’re like…


(after they force you to make a profile, right?)

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Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. Go directly to hell, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

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Hi Ms.,i love your profile and i do love it,so much that it supraises me,i am not influence that easy but you just put it right in. Your photos are just impressive ,there is something that is very familiar,can’t explain but i do not worry about details.i believe my own instincts and wish you look at my profile and photos and see if you have any of the same.if you do,let me known if not,well i believe in mutual feelings.I did not describe my profile like yours but live life very similar to yours,there is a few differences but ,well i am little older than you want but i grew-up with gypsies. They are not exactly what people in America think of them but are different for sure.I traveled most of the World but there is still a lot that i need to see.

P.S. Please don’t put a gypsy curse on me. 

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My cousin came in the room while I was looking at your profile and told me if I didn’t message you, she would. Now, she’s straight, so that’s probably an empty threat, but she does have an eye for beauty. I’m totally going to trust her judgement on this one.

Dude, that’s so obviously not true…

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Hi,there. I have interest in you. I hope we could talk together soon. Plz leave me msg.

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I need to hold you! So tightly, so long.

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I love your nose ;) lol

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You r sooo my buddy’s type..his name is mark he is Italian and Irish a engineer .. Let him txt u a pic
Wanna make out?

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